Direct to Web Season

13 Direct to Web TV with weekly episodes, iTunes distribution, Social Media distribution. Get your message out there!

Our Direct to Web Seasonal package offers unparalleled quality, reach and brand recognition. Together we determine your brand strategy and positioning. our system give you the widest possible reach at an affordable price. Here’s what’s included

  • We develop a channel that showcases your brand and is uniquely yours.
  • We create your show graphics package – aligned with your branding.
  • We film 13 episodes. One for every week of the quarter for audience consistency. Your location or our studios.
  • We distribute to Apple’s iTunes and myriad Social Media sites to establish multiple audiences and gain distributed SEO

Our approach allows you to speak from your Core Knowledge and Passion. In one afternoon we create together a full seasons worth of episodes. Get your message out and your presence known by speaking your passion. We are with you every step of the way. Easy, affordable, rock-star results.


One Response to Direct to Web TV Show

  1. Pam says:


    It’s been great learning more about you and your work today. One of the two TV shows I have could do great starting on Web TV. I’d like to talk with you to learn more about costs, logistics, etc. I’m in California…

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