Custom Direct-To-Web TV Channel

We create a weekly Direct-To-Web TV series with you at the center and you as the brand leader and Authentic Authority in your niche or industry.

The “Home” for your new series, your custom video hub site reflects your brand and attracts clients and customers like a magnet. We set up all your autoresponders and lead-gen tools to maximize your “lead magnet”.

Our management system tracks views, time on screen, click-through ads and more. Every aspect is tracked to give you positive feedback on your efforts.

In addition, our unique interactive video player allows you to add hotspots, email opt-in boxes, clickable icons , downloadable pdfs, story-line branching and more. A truly unique viewer experience that engages and retains. Examples


We come to your location to film your very own BizUMentary™ promoting your product or service.

Our team of writers, videographers, graphic artists create for you a film-quality documentary. We handle everything including branding, graphics, music, interviews and distribution.

We work with you to create a signature film that has impact and sets you apart from the crowd. Examples

iTunes & Social Media Video Distribution

We designed your Direct-To-Web TV channel to be 100% compatible with iTunes and we submit your channel to the iTunes directory and navigate your acceptance.

In addition, we put you in from of the most recognized social media sharing sites to insure your message is seen and heard. Your shows get found by a targeted audience and search engines for maximum exposure.

iPhone, iPad, Android Application

As an added bonus your Direct-To-Web TV investment includes a fully branded iPhone application. You set the price of your app in Apple’s iTunes store and you control the content. Include your shows, latest news, audio, special content and more. We also offer Android applications so your reach is even deeper and further.
This is a Celebrity Results Exclusive.

Location & Studio Filming

We offer “come to you” location services as well as full access to our studios in Los Angeles, CA, Raleigh, NC, and New York, NY. Our full feature stage is ideal for Tonight Show style interviews, “unplugged” music concerts, fitness and workout shows etc. We even have a full kitchen set for your cooking and nutrition shows.


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