Case Study:
Carrie Wilkerson – The Barefoot Executive

Carrie Wilkerson approached Celebrity Results for help in branding her persona and tying together her online assets. As a woman with a large and diverse audience comprised of both men and women, Carrie wanted to bring all her interests and businesses under one banner that eliminated confusion and established her as an “Authentic Authority” in both the online marketing community and the work at home woman’s community.

Ms Wilkerson, together with video strategist Perry Lawrence and branding expert Randy Gelman, worked to develop her signature video for The idea of puzzle pieces was used to convey the varied nature of all her endeavors and interests.

was developed as an audience builder as well as a
platform to showcase Ms Wilkerson’s on-camera talent. In addition to
timed release episodes (one per week) Celebrity Results used an interactive player that also tracks viewership and attention span.

Perry Lawrence, CEO of Celebrity Results states, “This technology gives our clients the ability to track how long viewers watch, which videos that watch and which videos they interact with and at what time. This has led to significant feedback that helps craft future episodes to specific

VMA broadened Ms Wilkerson’s social media footprint significantly by distributing her episodes across a wide range of sites. In addition to her presence on her web channel, her brand is leveraged across the web which has yielded a significant SEO benefit.

“The results have been amazing” says Ms Wilkerson. “Since we launched BarefootExecutive.TV, we have seen an increase in audience and sales. In addition, I have appeared on Zig Ziglar’s Success 2.0 TV and the Lifetime network. Both can be attributed in part to the content and quality of BarefootExecutive.TV.”


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